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Set Yourself Up For Self-Publishing Success 

There is no reason why your book, with the correct professional production process and marketing, ca…

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We review book proposals from self-publishing authors. Only Personal, Christian, Motivational/Life Coaching Books are considered. Our goal is to remo…

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Etiquette and Deportment
(Do's and Don'ts)
The do’s and don’ts of etiquette and deportment are very important. There are things that you may or may not…

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I believe that one of the things that are making your life a living hell is failure to identify obstacles or limitations in your life. Persistent fai…

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Triumph of a deserving person is a collection of short stories. The stories weave through blind date, success against all odds, beliefs, love, friend…

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A Passionate and Dramatic Novel about an Arranged Marriage By Khensani Makamu, the Author Of “Khumalo The Man I Love”

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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the storms of life? The reality is, we are living in perilous times, often challenged spiritually, emotionally a…

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The book is about an ordinary young driven woman in her late twenties, who is still trying to make it in the corporate world.The question is what hap…

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Phetogo Book Publishers is a division of PHETOGO CONCEPTS (Pty)Ltd with a team of professionals, offering hands-on personal service to every client and a strong attention to detail on all projects. Our goal is to remove any technical or financial barriers that can prevent authors from making their …

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